Jessica Koslow was born and raised in Venice, Calif. After graduating from Brown University, she moved to New York City and worked at McCall’s magazine, where she learned to write and edit, and gained invaluable publishing experience. Here, she also began her freelance writing career and scored her first published piece in Vibe magazine, thus combining her love of writing and hip-hop.

Next, Jessica was a copywriter at Columbia House, writing descriptive music copy for their catalogs and website. She also continued to expand her freelance writing and editing credits and branched out to promote industry parties and manage artists. Jessica’s last job in New York before moving to Los Angeles in 2006 was as Arts & Entertainment Editor for New York Press.

Most recently, she was the editor of Campus Circle, an L.A.-based weekly newspaper, for four years. She is currently pursuing a master’s in Specialized Journalism (The Arts) at USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism writing her thesis on krumping.


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