“The 818 Session” focuses on a dance ritual that occurs every Wednesday at midnight in a parking lot in North Hollywood. Gathering around an open door of a parked car, the krumpers take turns vibing off the music, dancing one by one in the center, encouraging each other from the sidelines. Miss Prissy, Lil’ C and Mijo from the film Rize show up; all founders of krump. Although the street dance originated in South Los Angeles in 2002, ten years later it is now performed in a parking lot in NoHo each week, rain or shine, with five or 50 people.

This site is dedicated to the dancers that keep the circle alive.

Welcome to the 818 Session.

2 thoughts on “Synopsis

  1. Angelo aka Young Bang! bka Charade says:

    Is there an address where I can hit up this session?

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